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Along with experience, McDermott’s has a first rate selection of well-maintained equipment to pick and chose from to most efficiently complete the most challenging of jobs. This equipment includes an insulated sixty foot aerial lift truck designed for working in close proximity to high voltage power lines. The truck is given a dielectric test annually to assure it is safe for work near power lines. This truck carries with it seven pro-grade Stihl Chain saws of seven different sizes, including the largest chain saws manufactured today. It also carries a large variety of ropes, rope breaks, come-alongs, winches, pulleys, pruners, etc.

Additional equipment includes a variety of eight trailers and trucks, one wood/brush chipper, three tractors customized for tree work and one stump grinding/removal machine. As protection of lawns is so important to many customers, one trailer is specifically utilized to carry a large stack of thick plywood. The plywood sheets are layed out on lawns to create a path so as to protect the grass/ground from potential damage from equipment. Equipment is selected for usage on an as needed basis.

We are fully insured and proof of insurance certificates are always available directly from our insurance agent upon your request.

The combination of experience, equipment and being an owner/operator on each job not only helps assure the job is done to the customer’s satisfaction; it also helps to get the job done at a competitive price.  If you would like a price quote, for fastest response, please contact Jim via his cell phone at

563-599-2459, or send an email to In event of a tree emergency, we are available 24/7.

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Our equipment includes:

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