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Jim McDermott is the owner operator and has personally been the primary skilled worker on almost all of the thousands of jobs he’s completed during his career.

Though McDermott works on trees of all sizes and grades of difficulty, his array of experiences with large hazard trees located in the most difficult of locations are why large or hazardous removals have become his specialty.  


Because McDermott personally performs all the pruning or removal work on the tree while the tree is standing, you’ll never have to worry about an inexperienced worker doing technical or hazardous tree work on your property while his more experienced boss is somewhere else. The cleanup work is done with help of the crew.


During his 30 year career, McDermott has come across trees of all shapes and sizes that have been challenges for any of a variety of reasons.


-- Trees between homes and/or other buildings.

-- Trees leaning over homes or buildings, or even leaning against them, or             trees that have toppled on top of them.

-- Trees in backyards or hilly areas that cannot be accessed with aerial lift

    devices and therefore needed to be climbed.

-- Trees too tall for aerial lift devices that therefore have needed to be climbed.

-- Trees over busy sidewalks and roadways, swimming pools and fish ponds or

    exotic gardens.

-- Trees over, or adjacent to a variety of utility lines, including high voltage

    power lines.

-- Trees on, or at the edge of retaining walls, or growing through wooden or

    concrete decks and patios.

-- Trees growing out of bluffs, or that were dead, brittle, hollow, rotten, had           bee hives, wasp nests or poison ivy.

-- Trees that have been struck by lightening that have huge splintery cracks

    down the middle of them.



We are fully insured and proof of insurance certificates are always available directly from our insurance agent upon your request.

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